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Attention All Executives and Corporate Fast Trackers
Desiring an "EDGE" in Coach Selection . . .

Most competitive events and challenges are won by very slim margins - often 1/10th and 100th of a second. As a result, almost everyone who is competitive is looking for whatever improvements they can make for gaining that "edge", or the slight 1 degree change in trajectory from the beginning that turns into a 5-10-20-30 degree improvement over time. The most effective path may be to partner with someone with BOTH executive “know-how” and experience who also has a passion for applying the best ICF approved Coach Training/ Certification skills to directly impact achieving the desired state. So why not extend this "edge" when making an "executive coach" selection too?


Here’s a fact: less than 1% of today's practicing executive coaches have ever been a vice president or senior vice president of a Fortune 500 company. With that said, I will be the first to acknowledge that the principles of coaching and the best ICF methodology (when applied correctly) don’t change regardless of your coaching background; however, what does change is the depth and breadth of the “edge” you gain when choosing an executive coach with extensive, professional, and corporate experience – someone who instantly relates and understands the possible “change(s)” to be made.

Once you have decided to invest in gaining the “edge”, the question now becomes - Do you think that working with an executive coach who has corporate experience in small, medium, and large Fortune 500 companies will provide that “edge” to the "coaching alliance" (the client/coach relationship) for a greater probability of success?  To answer this, consider the reduction in time spent building the client/coach relationship when there is a common understanding of the business, the business model, the challenges and pressures, as well as an executive experienced coach’s ability to ask more insightful, high-gain, and challenging questions. This enables the client to acquire relevant knowledge of "self" with a better ability to notice and recognize key characteristics of "self" which is exactly where improving EQ and making long-term, positive, transformational change begins!


Please see my Bio and let me give you a one-hour, free executive coach consultation for you and your team. 



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