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Shawn Simon's consulting expertise is focused on supporting biopharma companies (small, medium, large, and startups) develop brand strategy in commercial, Part D, Medicaid and exchanges, and ensure their field forces execute at the fullest potential. This includes launching brands, improving existing brand performance, and offering commercialization planning for brands in phases 1-2-3 of development for entry into the payer market.

Shawn Simon offers the following consulting services:


  • Managed Care brand formulary support, developing contract strategies for commercial, Part D Medicaid, and exchanges

  • Managed care planning and preparation for brand launches

  • Managed care support INCREASING sales force brand pull-through effectiveness with EXISTING PAYER ACCESS

  • Managed care success leveraging CMS quality objectives for the patient  

  • Managed care support in building account team C-Suite presence and/or generating executive exchanges at selected plans/PBMs  

  • Managed care representation for your needs at key conference events such as  AMCP, Armada, NBCH, and HSCA

  • Managed care custom presentation developed for leadership, management, and/or sales force 

  • Managed care trouble shooting support on sales force pull-through, restrictive formulary access, high abandonment and/or rejection rates , other related challenges

  • Executive managed care "Lifeline" (EMC Lifeline):  ask about 6 Month 1:1 coach and consulting support

  • Managed care options for supplementing field force brand pull-through or in lieu of field force and in white space  

  • Development of "low cost sales models" in specialty and primary care space

  • Contract Sales Organization(s) capabilities as a strategic option to increase sales results 


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